Welcome to the BlackIntel AnTi-CHeat system or BIATCH. BIATCH is an effective and reliable method for detecting and/or blocking many cheats. It is a server-side tool, that means that players on your server do not need to install anything to be protected by BIATCH. BIATCH can detect and/or block:

  • Damage hacks of all sorts
  • Purchase Terminal Anywhere
  • Aimbot (through ANTIAIMBOT*, or the global setting)
  • Superbody (through DISTRUST*)
  • Building Wallhacks (through DISTRUST*)
  • Bighead
  • Loads of netcode hacks

Like any anti-cheat solution, BIATCH is not a silver bullet and cannot stop 100% of cheaters. However, it can coëxist with the RenGuard Server-Side Client and with manual anti-cheat techniques, allowing you and your moderators to use an integrated approach to catching and banning cheaters. In addition to detecting and/or blocking many types of cheats, BIATCH can automatically ban damage hackers in many situations.

We would also like to say a big thank you to bond5820 who provided us with the anti-aimbot code, we are truly sorry that we forgot to mention this in RC1!

* Console command.