Game Leaders


Game leader - PlanetSide 2

Mail/MSN*: Gwynzer BlackIntel org
XFire: Gwynzer


Game leader - Renegade X

Mail/MSN*: koliva8245 yahoo com
Steam: lavakill

Council Members

These members provide advice and support to the Game Leaders about how to run the servers and their section.

StealthEye (StealtEye)

Main coder, webmaster

Mail/MSN*: seye xs4all nl
ICQ: 86412520
AIM: StealtEye
YIM: StealtEye

EvilWhiteDragon (EvlDr4g0n)

Webmaster, inspirational source ;)

Mail/MSN*: evilwhitedragon hellessem nl
ICQ: 348145220
AIM: EvlDr4g0n

Retired staff

Many thanks to those who have contributed in the past:

Cat998 (admin)
Ghostshaw (admin)
HTT-Bird (HTTBird, coder)
Stewie (NotStewie, coder)
DKDexter999 (DKDexter9, moderator)
Stanlyspy (moderator)
Trace (Renegade game leader)
Rchap4 (moderator)
Slyfox_Elite (Battlefield 3 game leader)

* for the email addresses, replace the first space with an @ and the second with an .