Above under

Like the view? Was this supposed to happen? Grab the mammoth, quick! Moon walk
X-Mas tree That buggy survived the mammoths But not for long Platform in the sky
Fear the mammoths

HumVee Stacking

Wreckages can be used differently... Nicely balanced I think they forgot Newton

Mammy stacking

So this is where they dump mammys Do you see the Great Bear? Mammy tests with neon It failed the tests
The souls of the mammoths left behind

Lost harvester

Yup, that's shorter Just follow the road, the tiberium field will be at your right Stealing some money.. Where to go now?
No! Don't go there! That's better Still don't want to take the short route? Now go
Found the exit? Learn how to drive, harvy! Yeah, that's better Now where should we go?
No skid marks, should be perfectly safe Well, it should have been... Roll over! You're late!

New Stealth Suit

Nod's new prototype stealth suit It still has some bugs..


Should COOP be hard? Affirmative Nope, nothing to see here Before...
... and after That tickles Solved. :) Staff party on GDI
And another one Different tactic this time

Lock view to turret off

Slow turret? Same problem? SEBASTIAN, SEBASTIAN,
no SEBASTIAN anymore, SEBASTIAN, and finally, SEBASTIAN...

Vehicle spamming

Reinforcements have arrived Now just repair them.. Going through the firewall High quality shipping
Yeah.. that scares me too This must be the new air train Garbage This plane is on fire!

Walls 'Flying'

Strange clouds up here Where did the rainbow's colors go? Enemy spotted! Nice sunset!


Nod hadn't got any use for it anyway How do you call this? Laser chain gun?? I saw an angel. I swear I saw one! Make that "Units Ready"
Nice turret! Firework! Don't look down.. Now where's that sniper?
Obby looks cool APC rush over hill Oh, so they have a mammy eh? Graffiti taggers everywhere!
Unfair advantage? Harvy of death ... or dead harvy

Hi(gh) Beacon

New flares Don't mess with the great Raveshaw! Now where's the swimming pool? Noone is about to disarm it..
Blue tiberium refinement doesn't do much better It's a niuokne, or something Give me power! Ah, there it us
This can't be Kyoto conformant


Thanks I need repairs! Building needs repair! Good teamwork
Nice distraction Because the pistol hurts.. Enigineer, Enigineer,
And finally, some better repair :) How come your teammate left?