About our projects

Our (for now) private mod (AKA mod)

You can follow most of our progress on the mod info page, we will also write news items when we change anything to the mods. Most of our progress means that we have one secret thing. Jonwil, the creator of the custom scripts.dll, said "I LOVE the idea though", so we have a surprise for you. :)

The mod is currently based on SSAOW 1.5, with scripts.dll 3.1.4, but we usually update the versions if needed or if we reached a milestone. Our mods can be applied (relatively) easy to the different versions of scripts.dll.

BIATCH - BlackIntel AnTi CHeat

As you might know we've also created serverside anticheat software, called BIATCH. This will stop things like damage hacks and will hamper aimbot software. As far as we know this should be compatible with most if not all version of scripts.dll and other mods. However, this does not include Crazy CTF or Crazy AOW, since those appearently have the damage values modded serverside.