You can contact us at IRC. It is preferred to contact us that way, and you would directly talk to multiple staff members. If you need one special person and you want their contact information you should go to the staff page.

IRC server

We have two IRC servers running. We use this server for communicating with each other in a groupchat manner. It's a great way to learn to know some people that are active in the clan. Our primary IRC server is where we usually reside in the following channels: #bi-clan, #blackintel, and #blackintel1. Note that our IRC server is linked to the n00bstories IRC server. Therefore you can also join #BlackIntel from n00bstories and you will end up in the same channel.

Connecting to the IRC Server

The following should get you started if you are new to IRC. You will need to download HexChat (or another client) to connect. The following details assume you have downloaded, installed and started HexChat already.

Click the Add, tab replace the text "New Network" with "BlackIntel" (You can use anything but this would be a logical name). Then click the edit tab with "BlackIntel" still selected. A box will come up, it contains amongst other stuff the text "newserver/6667". Edit it so it says "". Click "Autojoin channels" and click "Add". Type in each of the following (enter one, hit enter, and click on "Add" again) "#bi-clan,blackintel,#blackintel1" (With the #, without the "). This will make sure you join our channel after connecting to the IRC server.

That is enough to connect to IRC. You probably want to enable "Auto connect to this network at startup" to, well, join us every time you start HexChat. You can now close that window. You will still have the server window open (if you don't, press ctrl+s), you probably want to enable "Skip network list on startup" to hide that window when you start HexChat.

Now the only thing you will have to do is, with BlackIntel selected, press "Connect". You should end up in our channel. :) If you don't, or just don't understand what to do, leave a message on the forums or contact someone and we will probably be able to help you out.