Planetside 2

In this section you can find everything related to Planetside 2. This is the most recent game that BlackIntel has started to play. This area of the website is still under development, but will eventually have information on our members, events we run and various guides to the game.

Given Planetside outfits are mainly handled using the ingame controls, this section of our website is relatively small. Our outfit is recruiting, and we're happy to accept almost anyone. Feel free to join our Teamspeak server at any time, which is located at

We currently run events at on Sundays at PIE. For those unfamiliar with BlackIntel time formats, this is 8PM UK time.

If you wish to join our outfit as a more privileged member, please see this thread on the forums. Please also note that we will be offering benefits to our active community members such as FTP space and BlackIntel e-mail addresses, all of the relevant information is on our forums,