Since 0x90 found another hole, we decided to release an update. We also fixed some other potential crashes. Not a big update, but a very useful one none the less.

  • Fixed another server vulnerability where one could crash the server with a malicious UDP packet.


We have skipped version 1.1 because the RC was stable. We did not find it necessary to update the name as most of you probably have noticed that already anyway. Now there is a new version with the extra protection listed below and with the pointfix. This will most likely be the last version before the TT patch is released.

  • Fixed a server vulnerability where one could crash the server with a malicious UDP packet.
  • Included pointfix for people that want it.

1.1 RC1:

  • Loads of netcode hacks and exploits blocked, fixing the sending of damage, chat or vehicle/soldier control, quit messages, etc for other players. (It used to be possible to remote control vehicles or even other players, pretend to do damage for another player or send chat messages using another player's name.)
  • Fixed warhead checking. For some reason the older version did not do this.
  • Added bighead detection, we assume this can be automatically banned upon, but we have not been able to do a lot of testing on it. Probably 1.1 will auto ban on any messages it shows. Thanks to Neku for thinking of and telling us how to detect this.
  • Slightly improved the anti aimbot feature, however we noticed that even with this fix, using the aimbot ESP feature it will give you a huge advantage. It might be smarter to disable it to make it more clear whether someone is using aimbot actually, and to prevent the small bits of lag caused by it.
  • Changed configuration and log file locations. This is to match the locations other projects use. We hope that other projects will follow our directory structure to make the FDS folder a bit cleaner. Basically, we use this structure: './cfg/PROJECTNAME/CONFIG_FILES' and './log/PROJECTNAME/LOG_FILES'. For biatch these are './cfg/biatch/main.ini', './log/biatch/main.txt' and './log/biatch/extended.txt'.


  • The 'suspected cheater' message is no longer sent to the console because it was mostly false and hardly ever of use. The message is still displayed in the log files though.
  • Unused weapons are now handled differently, in very rare situations this could have caused false positive bans for pistol damage (Damage 10, 30 or 50, with warhead 3).
  • You can now disable PT checking in the config using the 'IsPTCheckEnabled' setting.
  • GameTime was removed from the log file as they appeared to be the same as SessionTime.
  • IP's are now logged in the config file.
  • The 'BIATCH:' prefix has been changed to '[BIATCH]' to prevent players named 'BIATCH' from confusing regulators.
  • AI soldiers are no longer causing error messages.
  • Uninstaller now actually works.
  • Changed some log messages to be more clear or to show different information.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs and spelling mistakes.
  • Added credit for bond5820 for committing his anti-aimbot code which we could use to base an improved version on.

1.0 RC1:

  • First publicly released Version.