Mod Todo

Currently on our todo list

  • !quit <reason>

    Kick everyone from the game and send them a message with the reason of the quit

  • !restart <reason>

    Same as above, "Server is restarting, reason: <reason>"

  • !login

    Message is always hidden to other users, allows a user to login. Auto login may be done by WOL identification.

  • !suggest

    Command to suggest new ideas

  • Moderator command reasons

    Make [reason] for kick, ban, etc. commands

  • Vehicle stolen messages

    Tell ppl if their vehicle was stolen by the enemy to resolve blaming a teammate of vehicle theft (included in SSAOW locked vehicles?)

  • auto team balancing

    Automatically ask players to change teams when teams become uneven

  • Public team swap requests

    Ability to ask a player to swap teams.

  • Joining team prediction

    Check whether it's possible to predict the team of a joining player for the pre join messages

  • Revive buildings

    Revive buildings (for unfair actions by cheaters) - extremely hard and maybe impossible, low priority.

  • Other wreckages

    wreckages for other vehicles as well (apache/orca/some nod tanks) gdi has 3 vehicles leaving wreckages, nod has 2 atm.

  • Auto invite on connection broken

    Send auto-invite on "Connection broken to ..."

  • Auto invite on kick

    Send auto-invite on kick, or some special !ikick or something

  • Rebuildable turrets

    Turrets can be purchased by team

  • Special vehicle crates
    • hijacked for x sec
    • standard: cred, refill, points, ion/nuke
    • getting new vehicle in base (reinforcements)
    • second wind crate
    • kamikaze --> chameleon? On exit: detonate
    • spy?
    • emp crate - every vehicle blocked?