The 'main.ini' configuration file

BIATCH can be configured completely by changing the cofiguration file. It can be found at 'cfg/biatch/main.ini' in your Renegade FDS folder. The default settings work for most servers; however, your server may have different rules/needs. Each setting is explained briefly here.


This setting controls whether BIATCH will allow players to purchase the so-called "extra" units in Renegade. Set it to "yes" to have BIATCH block the purchase of extras or "no" to allow them to be purchased. The default is to block extras from being purchased.


This setting controls whether the Anti-Aimbot script is enabled by default for players. Set it to "yes" to use the Anti-Aimbot functionality of BIATCH globally or to "no" if you do not want to use the Anti-Aimbot function. The default is NOT to use the Anti-Aimbot functionality; however, the ANTIAIMBOT console command can be used to override this setting for specific players if this setting is set to "no".

Please note that this function will use a little more bandwidth then standard servers. Also, this might create a small amount of lag at times.


This setting controls whether BIATCH will automatically ban cheaters it catches. Set it to "yes" to allow BIATCH to ban cheaters itself or to "no" if you wish to have your moderators or IRC-bot ban them instead. The default and recommended setting is to automatically ban cheaters.


This setting controls whether BIATCH will perform checks when people buy something from a PT. You might want to disable this if you run a third party map which allows purchases from other objects than normal PTs.


This setting controls the distance a player has to be from the nearest Purchase Terminal so that BIATCH rejects that player's purchases. The default setting of 20.0 should not yield many false-alarms; however, if you are seeing large numbers of messages about invalid Purchase Terminal accesses with distances between 20 and 25, you may wish to increase this value to 25.0 (this should only be needed on chronically laggy servers though, as increasing it does decrease the effectiveness of the anti-Purchase Terminal anywhere code).

Do not make this value too low (smaller than 10 is not recommended) or else BIATCH might block PT accesses that are not caused by cheating, but by lag. It is recommended to only take action when multiple messages appear over larger distances for the same player.


This setting controls how long (in milliseconds) after a player selects a weapon that BIATCH will not warn about the shots that the old weapon fires. The default setting of 10000 should not cause any problems; thus, you should not need to change this.