Auto complete

The auto complete function allows you to write short aliases for longer lines of text. Full messages will be sent instead of the short aliases you type. It works for all messages: ingame pages, team messages and public messages.

All aliases and messages are listed below. These values can be changed in the server config.

brefBeacon At The Refinary!
bsiloBeacon At The Tiberium Silo!
bhonBeacon At The Hand Of NOD!
bairBeacon At The Airstrip!
bbarBeacon At The Infantry Barracks!
bwepBeacon At The Weapons Factory!
bppBeacon At The Power Plant!
bconBeacon At The Construction Yard!
brepBeacon At The Repair Facility!
bpedBeacon At The Pedestal!
bagtBeacon At The Advanced Guard Tower!
bobBeacon At The Obelisk!
bdisDisarm That Beacon!
bfakeThat Beacon Is Fake!
repsiloRepair The Tiberium Silo!
reprefRepair The Refinary!
rephonRepair The Hand Of NOD!
repstripRepair The Airstrip!
repppRepair The Power Plant!
repbarRepair The Infantry Barracks!
repwepRepair The Weapons Factory!
repwfRepair The Weapons Factory!
repconRepair The Construction Yard!
repobRepair The Obelisk!
repagtRepair The Advanced Guard Tower!
repharvRepair The Harvester!
repturRepair The Turrets
reptankWe Need Engineer Support For Our Tanks!
rsiloRepair The Tiberium Silo!
rrefRepair The Refinary!
rhonRepair The Hand Of NOD!
rstripRepair The Airstrip!
rppRepair The Power Plant!
rbarRepair The Infantry Barracks!
rwepRepair The Weapons Factory!
rwfRepair The Weapons Factory!
rconRepair The Construction Yard!
robRepair The Obelisk!
ragtRepair The Advanced Guard Tower!
rharvRepair The Harvester!
rturRepair The Turrets
rtankWe Need Engineer Support For Our Tanks!
techrefTechnician In The Refinary!
techhonTechnician In The Hand Of NOD!
techairTechnician In The Airstrip!
techppTechnician In The Power Plant!
techbarTechnician In The Infantry Barracks!
techwepTechnician In The Weapons Factory!
techwfTechnician In The Weapons Factory!
techconTechnician In The Construction Yard!
techobTechnician In The Obelisk!
techagtTechnician In The Advanced Guard Tower!
trefTechnician In The Refinary!
thonTechnician In The Hand Of NOD!
tairTechnician In The Airstrip!
tppTechnician In The Power Plant!
tbarTechnician In The Infantry Barracks!
twepTechnician In The Weapons Factory!
twfTechnician In The Weapons Factory!
tconTechnician In The Construction Yard!
tobTechnician In The Obelisk!
tagtTechnician In The Advanced Guard Tower!
hotrefHotwire In The Refinary!
hothonHotwire In The Hand Of NOD!
hotairHotwire In The Airstrip!
hotppHotwire In The Power Plant!
hotbarHotwire In The Infantry Barracks!
hotwepHotwire In The Weapons Factory!
hotwfHotwire In The Weapons Factory!
hotconHotwire In The Construction Yard!
hotobHotwire In The Obelisk!
hotagtHotwire In The Advanced Guard Tower!
hrefHotwire In The Refinary!
hhonHotwire In The Hand Of NOD!
hairHotwire In The Airstrip!
hppHotwire In The Power Plant!
hbarHotwire In The Infantry Barracks!
hwepHotwire In The Weapons Factory!
hwfHotwire In The Weapons Factory!
hconHotwire In The Construction Yard!
hobHotwire In The Obelisk!
hagtHotwire In The Advanced Guard Tower!
mbaseMine The Base!
mlimit!The Mine Limit Has Been Reached!
mrefMine The Refinary!
mhonMine The Hand Of NOD!
mairMine The Airstrip!
mppMine The Power Plant!
mbarMine The Infantry Barracks!
mwepMine The Weapons Factory!
mwfMine The Weapons Factory!
mconMine The Construction Yard!
mobMine The Obelisk!
magtMine The Advanced Guard Tower!
mpedMine The Pedestal!
tfieldTake The Field!
bharvBlock The Harvester!
uharvwalkWalk The Harvester!
iharvwalkIm Going To Harvesterwalk!
deftunDefend The Tunnels!
mbuildThat Building Is Mined!
apcincIncoming APC!
mrlsincIncoming MRLS!
medincIncoming Medium Tank!
mamincIncoming Mammoth Tank!
humincIncoming Hum-Vee!
tranincIncoming Transport Helecopter!
orcaincIncoming Orca!
incapcIncoming APC!
incmrlsIncoming MRLS!
incmedIncoming Medium Tank!
incmamIncoming Mammoth Tank!
inchumIncoming Hum-Vee!
inctranIncoming Transport Helecopter!
incorcaIncoming Orca!
iapcIncoming APC!
imrlsIncoming MRLS!
imedIncoming Medium Tank!
imamIncoming Mammoth Tank!
ihumIncoming Hum-Vee!
itranIncoming Transport Helecopter!
iorcaIncoming Orca!
bugincIncomming Buggy!
artincIncomming Artillery!
lightincIncomming Light tank!
flameincIncomming Flame tank!
stankincIncomming Stealth tank!
apaincIncomming Apache!
reconincIncomming Recon Bike!
incbugIncomming Buggy!
incartIncomming Artillery!
inclightIncomming Light tank!
incflameIncomming Flame tank!
incstankIncomming Stealth tank!
incapaIncomming Apache!
increconcIncomming Recon Bike!
ibugIncomming Buggy!
iartIncomming Artillery!
ilightIncomming Light tank!
iflameIncomming Flame tank!
istankIncomming Stealth tank!
iapaIncomming Apache!
ireconcIncomming Recon Bike!
apcincrIncoming APC Rush!
mrlsincrIncoming MRLS Rush!
medincrIncoming Medium Tank Rush!
mamincrIncoming Mammoth Tank Rush!
humincrIncoming Hum-Vee Rush!
tranincrIncoming Transport Helecopter Rush!
orcaincrIncoming Orca Rush!
incinf Incoming Infantry Rush!
incrapcIncoming APC Rush!
incrmrlsIncoming MRLS Rush!
incrmedIncoming Medium Tank Rush!
incrmamIncoming Mammoth Tank Rush!
incrhumIncoming Hum-Vee Rush!
incrtranIncoming Transport Helecopter Rush!
incrorcaIncoming Orca Rush!
incrinfIncoming Infantry Rush!
irapcIncoming APC Rush!
irmrlsIncoming MRLS Rush!
irmedIncoming Medium Tank Rush!
irmamIncoming Mammoth Tank Rush!
irhumIncoming Hum-Vee Rush!
irtranIncoming Transport Helecopter Rush!
irorcaIncoming Orca Rush!
irinfIncoming Infantry Rush!
bugincrIncomming Buggy Rush!
artincrIncomming Artillery Rush!
lightincrIncomming Light tank Rush!
flameincrIncomming Flame tank Rush!
stankincrIncomming Stealth tank Rush!
apaincrIncomming Apache Rush!
reconincrIncomming Recon Bike Rush!
incrbugIncomming Buggy Rush!
incrartIncomming Artillery Rush!
incrlightIncomming Light tank Rush!
incrflameIncomming Flame tank Rush!
incrstankIncomming Stealth tank Rush!
incrapaIncomming Apache Rush!
incrreconIncomming Recon Bike Rush!
irbugIncomming Buggy Rush!
irartIncomming Artillery Rush!
irlightIncomming Light tank Rush!
irflameIncomming Flame tank Rush!
irstankIncomming Stealth tank Rush!
irapaIncomming Apache Rush!
irreconIncomming Recon Bike Rush!
sbhbaseSBH In Our Base!
sbhfieldThere Is A SBH On The Field!
srush!Stealth Tank Rush!
frush!Flame Tank Rush!
mrush!Medium tank Rush!
infrush!Infantry Rush!
lrush!Light Tank Rush!
apcrush!APC Rush!
bugrush!Buggy Rush!
humrush!Humm-Vee Rush!
mamrush!Mammoth Rush!
aparush!Apache Rush!
orcarush!Orca Rush!
helirush!Transport Helicopter Rush!
srush?Stealth Tank Rush Anybody?
frush?Flame Tank Rush Anybody?
mrush?Medium tank Rush Anybody?
infrush?Infantry Rush?
lrush?Light Tank Rush?
apcrush?APC Rush?
bugrush?Buggy Rush?
humrush?Humm-Vee Rush?
mamrush?Mammoth Rush?
aparush?Apache Rush?
orcarush?Orca Rush?
helirush?Transport Helicopter Rush?
snineedWe Need Some Sniper Support!
snienemThere Is An Enemy Sniper On The Field!
snienembThere Is An Enemy Sniper Overlooking Our Base!
snipfieldThere Is An Enemy Sniper On The Field!
snipbaseThere Is An Enemy Sniper Overlooking Our Base!
allinapcEngineers And Hot/Techs Into The APC!
omgstfuOMG STFU YOU N00B!