BIATCH - BlackIntel AnTi CHeat

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BIATCH can be downloaded in either zip or installer form:

BIATCH v1.2b

BIATCH in zip format

BIATCH v1.2a

BIATCH in zip format


BIATCH in zip format


BIATCH in zip format
BIATCH installer


BIATCH in zip format
BIATCH installer

Start button fix

We released a little fix to help people with the startbutton problem. A better version will be in the released scripts.dll.

Server.dat from Renegade FDS version 1.037 with the start button fix applied

Server.dat from Renegade FDS version 1.037 with Core Patch 2 and the start button fix applied

If you have already changed server.dat yourself, you can also replace the code from 0x000C10FC with E9 A2000000 (this will make it skip the bytes from 0x000C10FC to 0x000C11A2) with a proper hex editor.

BlackIntel Server.dat

We decided to release our improved UDP fix too. This package includes:

  • Core Patch 2 server.dat
  • The UDP short message fix
  • The start button fix (the one listed above)
  • A simple change to allow renegade to start when the server is running without the use of the +multi flag
  • RunOnce suppression, disabling the RunOnce registry key so the server does not auto restart when joining before the windows shell loads
  • A new UDP fix which will make the server survive UDP floods without much problems
  • Removed the "MapName=" setting from the server config.


The older UDP fix (which will prevent the server from crashing on short packets) is applied, but a new fix will also survive a flood properly.

We have disabled the server FPS limit, and the server ran with a FPS somewhere around 700 (very variable). When we started flooding with 250 packets per second the server FPS just dropped to about 600, whereas without the fix it would disconnect all players.

The default and properly working packet limit of 25 bad packets per frame, so that will (in theory) allow 1500 bad packets per second to be skipped. The reason for the packets per frame limit is that the FDS would drop too much if no limit was set.


We have removed the MapName setting from the server config. Before this the map list was make by MapName00 (where 00 is the index of the map) and MapName to set the starting map. With our change the MapName can be removed and only the map list will have to be set, MapName00 is chosen as the starting map. This is because we think it's easier to update the map list this way.

Download the BlackIntel Server.dat

BIAppMgr - BlackIntel Application Manager

This little utility can be used to make sure every process you want to be running is always running. Whenever a server is closed (for example due to a crash) BIAppMgr will restart the process. Some servers already use batch files for this, but having a batch file for each process is annoying, and has several other disadvantages, for example if you close the batch file the server will not restart, however you can not restart the batch file while the fds is running because then the server starts twice. It has a easy and nice commandline interface to start and stop processes, and the process list can be configured by editing an ini file.

Although this utility was made to simplify our own server management, we decided to release it, because it might help other server owners as well. It's highly efficient as well. Currently, after running for 5 days on our dedicated box, it uses 2.2 KB of memory and has used 1 CPU-second (meaning it uses about 0.000002% CPU on average).

Download the BlackIntel Application Manager

Note: Use these files at your own risk. We tested it and it worked properly here, but we can not guarantee it will work properly for you too.

Renegade FDS

Want to set up your own server? Use this installer, which will help you set it up: renegadefds_1037.exe

If you need help you are more than welcome to contact one of the Staff members.
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