Console Commands

BIATCH's behavior can be fine-tuned on a per-player basis using console commands. Aside from the help strings that are built into BIATCH, they are documented here.


Disables client-side (thus, enables server-side) damage checking for the player with ID <id>. This command is used to disable many kinds of cheats that a player might be using:

  • All types of damage cheats
  • The effects on damage of superbody (includes bighead and bigbody) and bigitem (weapon, beacon, c4) cheats (the player will still see the enlarged object, but shooting at the enlarged portion does no damage and it may be impossible for that player to hit the actual head/body/etc...)
  • The effects on damage of transparent-wall hacks (.w3d wallhacks) (the player can still see through walls, but can no longer shoot through them).

Players start off trusted when the server starts up and do not stay distrusted when a player rejoins either.

Note: This command can cause the player it is used on to lag, so use it with caution and only to check players.

TRUST <id>

Enables client-side (thus, disables server-side) damage checking for the player with ID <id>. This command undoes the effects of DISTRUST.


Toggles the antiaimbot script on/off for the player with ID <id>. The antiaimbot script in BIATCH creates an invisible object next to the player it is attached to; when that player attempts to aimbot, the aimbot locks on to the invisible object and will not release its lock. Setting IsAntiAimbotGloballyEnabled to "yes" overrides the effect of this command.


Causes BIATCH to reload the configuration from 'cfg/biatch/main.ini'.