Clan rules

Before you start reading the rules, I think I have to tell you something about myself. The people who know me also know that I'm not all that serious. I like to joke around with people and I never intend to hurt someone doing this. But I also know when the time is right for joking, and when the time is right for being serious. So remember, that I am serious now, and that the rules are not jokes, but that you'll get in trouble when you don't follow them. If you think you can't follow these rules, don't apply to join, that will prevent a lot of problems.

Clan Core Rule: Respect; Always have respect for people, whether it is clan leaders, admins, moderators or just guests joining once. The only exception is people who don't want respect, but only want to empty the server or annoy everyone.

Besides from this core rule, the following rules apply:

  • Don't spam people, don't swear too much if you know someone can read/hear you swearing who does not like it.
  • Always be patient
  • Help new players (these are not n00bs, they are newbs - n00bs don't want to play the game, newbs don't know how to play the game)
  • Don't go spam the server, or start giving away vehicles etc, which ruins the game for other people. If you want to n00b around somewhere with other clan members, get in the training-server, but NOT on the public server!
  • Always follow the rules of the public server

This is not a complete list of rules, but just a guide how to act. I am sure you know how to act - this place is no different than in the outside world.

Always remember

If you got a problem with someone ingame, contact an admin, moderator or any member of the Clan Staff online (see details at the contact page). If there is no one online, make a screenshot and post it at the forums. If you have problems with a clan member, or with someone from another clan or community, IMMEDIATELY contact the game's game leader (or if the problem is with them, another game leader or admin) either by pm at the forum, email, msn or IRC. We are determined to solve all conflicts before they become a really serious issue.