Interview and more!

Posted on 06 Feb 2007 by EvilWhiteDragon
As we already stated in the newspost this morning, we got interviewed and it is now on the internet. You can view it here:

I am also happy to announce that we will form a BlackIntel clan shortly. This will be based at first on the community war we will have with the Jelly's. As we had some trainings I have seen some ppl that I would like to get in to our clan.
I will be doing final selections later, during other trainings.

I will keep you posted as this progresses.

BlackIntel announces BIRDS

Posted on 05 Feb 2007 by GhostShaw
BlackIntel hereby announces another project that has been in development for quite a while now. BIRDS stands for BlackIntel Retard Detection System and what it basically does is sharing all bans, kicks and warnings between servers. Additionally it also shares the untrusted players coming from BIATCH.

This system will basically work like this. There will be one main server (hosted by us), and each server will have a client side DLL. Not everyone will have access. We will only give out accounts (and the dll, even though its useless without account) to servers we trust, and which we know have trustworthy mods.

Even though all servers should be trustworthy each client can determine how much weight to give to each server and even separate mods.

Currently we have nearly finished the server, but the client does still need some work.

Happy Birthday BlackIntel!

Posted on 05 Feb 2007 by StealthEye
BlackIntel's first anniversary! Several things have been planned for today, and there have been several deadlines ending today, so we've got some stuff to announce too!

BIATCH, I'm sure you have heard about it. Our server side anti cheat and cheat detection solution. We had hoped to get at least a beta out today, I've spent most of my time working on it over the past week, however the final touches needed way more time then we had expected. We do currently have a build which is near to completion and which has the bugs which had been reported (mostly by TK2) fixed. Expect a beta or release soon!

Also, our scripts.dll RG SSC we were working on should be finished today or at least pretty soon. It depends on a few things, but we might be able to detect rgh with it. I will not give any further details for now, we should first wait for the test results.

Then there is the interview planned for tonight. will be interviewing us. The result will be uploaded on their site and we will probably add another news post when the interview is finished. Stay tuned! ;)

Meanwhile our own scripts.dll running at a0000000a/b/c did not have many updates due to the various other projects. Some bugs have been fixed but nothing major. I hope to get a list of these and write a newspost about them soon as I do not have time to do it right now.

Good, that should be most of the important things we're currently into. I'm aware of the little updates on the site, I'm sorry for that.

And again:
Happy birthday BlackIntel!

Ghostshaw admin

Posted on 21 Jan 2007 by StealthEye
Ghostshaw now is an official BI admin. He was already involved with quite a lot of BI decisions before and has been an very good moderator and coder, hence this promotion. Now he has some extra access and is an IRC operator.
Congrats Ghost!

Happy new year everyone + site n mods updates

Posted on 08 Jan 2007 by EvilWhiteDragon
First of all I want ot wish everyone the best for 2007 ;) May this become a good mod year for renegade!

Moderator changes.

We removed xocezert from the moderator list because we had serveral complaints about him and after we had a good look at them most where indeed true. We also heard that he might have been cheating, but we have not found proper evidence to support that so we didnt ban him from the servers. Not that that would be neccesary I think, because I heard he quited renegade anyway.

We where more or less also forced to take dead6re's mod access, this because he talked about things he shouldn't have been talking about, atleast not without our permission. He is punished for it and is now trying to regain our trust.

So not much good news eh? Well, I have some good news too, just read on ;)

We knew we needed some new mods so after we recruited Trace we recruited alanco9 and very recently we made HTT-Bird a mod too. Alanco9 will just become a "normal" mod and HTT-Bird will probably gonna do some coding for us. He will probably add some extra safegaurds against cheaters , which is ofcourse always a good thing :).

Site updates.

We've added playerlistings to the XWIS server page so it is possible to see who's in the server. Also we added a "Who's online?" section on the staff page so you can now directly see what admin and what moderators are online, and where.

Sorry for the lack of updates here btw, we will try to keep you guys informed ;)

That's it for now :).

StealthEye on holidays

Posted on 22 Dec 2006 by StealthEye
I will be off to France for about 2 weeks, going to ski. :) I will be leaving tomorrow morning and will be back January 6.

New Moderator: Trace aka gamer704

Posted on 05 Dec 2006 by StealthEye
Trace is now a BlackIntel moderator. We finally finished the new policy on recruiting moderators, and so we decided to use it right away. Expect other moderators to be recruited soon. He, as every other future moderator, will have a trial period of one month, in which we can more easily decide whether or not he will stay. I am sure he will giev us no reason why he should not though.

Trace, good luck and a lot of fun as a BlackIntel moderator!

XWIS Query page improvements

Posted on 30 Nov 2006 by StealthEye
Ghostshaw has improved the XWIS Query page a lot. It is now much faster and cached to make massive amounts of refreshes not flood the server. It also has fixed the bug where you would see only half of the server listings and where you would see only an empty list.

Have a look yourself at the XWIS Query page!

Website updates

Posted on 29 Nov 2006 by StealthEye
As you probably have noticed, the website style has been changed. There has been one IE bug yet, where IE would not render a page for some weird reason. I hope this has been fixed (it does not happen for me any more when I tested) but any (IE or non IE) user having problems please contact us or post at the forums. We are also interested in you opinion on the new look, positive or negative, but we hope you like it ofcourse! :)

Subversion and more

Posted on 26 Nov 2006 by StealthEye
Sorry for the long delay in news items. I hope it will be easier to write news in the future, as we have done some rather big changes in the way we are developing this project. Since october 31 we have been using Subversion. Subversion is a so called version control system, which means that it keeps track of all updates we do. We can easily roll back updates, share updates and keep logs on what has changed. This will be the first news post written based on the Subversion logs, I'm sure there are many more to come, and I hope this way it will be easier to write updates more often too.

Some big change we have done is that we started using Lazy C++ ( This should make some common tasks in developing easier, and make the source code more clean. Currently we have only converted one file to see whether we like it first.

Even more important updates: our scripts.dll is now upgraded to version 2.9.2. Another thing which was made easier by Subversion. This update made our start button fix obsolete, as it was already included in 2.9.2. It has been removed from our sources. It also has a slightly better way of setting the player count, which we are using now.

Then we have fixed a lot of bugs, a crash bug and some spelling mistakes. Some features have been disabled for TK2 at their request. The pre join messages ("StealtEye is about to join" and "StealtEye decided not to join") have been disabled when the game is full, they serve no purpose then. Another small thing is that we disabled !stuck as it was abused by a lot of people. We were afraid that would happen but we decided to test it. An updated version may be made in the future which will then test whether the player really is stuck, and if he is teleport him directly.