Subversion and more

Posted on 26 Nov 2006 by StealthEye
Sorry for the long delay in news items. I hope it will be easier to write news in the future, as we have done some rather big changes in the way we are developing this project. Since october 31 we have been using Subversion. Subversion is a so called version control system, which means that it keeps track of all updates we do. We can easily roll back updates, share updates and keep logs on what has changed. This will be the first news post written based on the Subversion logs, I'm sure there are many more to come, and I hope this way it will be easier to write updates more often too.

Some big change we have done is that we started using Lazy C++ ( This should make some common tasks in developing easier, and make the source code more clean. Currently we have only converted one file to see whether we like it first.

Even more important updates: our scripts.dll is now upgraded to version 2.9.2. Another thing which was made easier by Subversion. This update made our start button fix obsolete, as it was already included in 2.9.2. It has been removed from our sources. It also has a slightly better way of setting the player count, which we are using now.

Then we have fixed a lot of bugs, a crash bug and some spelling mistakes. Some features have been disabled for TK2 at their request. The pre join messages ("StealtEye is about to join" and "StealtEye decided not to join") have been disabled when the game is full, they serve no purpose then. Another small thing is that we disabled !stuck as it was abused by a lot of people. We were afraid that would happen but we decided to test it. An updated version may be made in the future which will then test whether the player really is stuck, and if he is teleport him directly.