Posted on 12 Sep 2006 by StealthEye
Last week eagleyeu, eaglewar0 and sayownded joined the team as moderators. Their new status will be updated in the next scripts.dll update, which might have some other nice things in it, which need some more testing.
I which them good luck and a lot of fun while moderating our servers :).

We are currently updating some pages on the website, the mod info and mod future were seriously outdated, but should be updated now. ;)

We've been doing some research on how to prevent/block/detect cheating, so there are not that many new features being worked on, but we're doing some interesting stuff nonetheless. ;)

Wall lag fix v2

Posted on 22 Aug 2006 by StealthEye
We have released a new version of the wall lag fix. Previously the fix needed both a fixed client and a fixed server, and was incompatible with all other combinations. We have however found a way that uses a bit extra bandwidth but is compatible with all clients and servers. For the fix to work you still have to be in a patched server. As this fix is still beta, the server code has not yet been released. Currently, only BlackIntel servers are running the fix (a0000000a, b and c) together with some of our test servers. Try the fix and join our server to test it, report. If something starts acting weird, please report it in a comment, on the forums, renforums or contact me. Thanks :)

It is now out the beta phase and the server is available for download too!

Wall lag fix topic on
BlackIntel download page

Turret lag fix!

Posted on 19 Aug 2006 by EvilWhiteDragon
We made a fix so that you wont have arti's pointing the other way when in reality they are firing at you. This is a clientside only fix so you won't need to have a server that will support it.
Just download, unzip, and play :)

You can download the files here:
The fix.
And a small preview movie.



Posted on 19 Aug 2006 by StealthEye
Due to a little error on the download page a few download links were invalid, it should be fixed now. :)

Brenbot and maprotation updates

Posted on 19 Aug 2006 by EvilWhiteDragon
We've updated Brenbot to 1.43 which made us reset the recommendations, so no need to worry ;) just get them back up quickly. It has serveral new features but most of all it is supposed to be more stable and less mem leaking.

We also changed the maprotation to include C&C_BunkersTS.mix As we find it is a very very fine fanmap made by aircraftkiller.

If haven't got Core Patch 2 download it here

Reserved slots updated

Posted on 18 Aug 2006 by EvilWhiteDragon
Dead6re has joined our ranks and has released it's first mod for BlackIntel.
Dead6re is a nice and skilled coder so we asked him to join us and he agreed to do so :).

Below the contents of his mod:
This is a reserved slots system for Renegade. if the game is "full" then moderators or people who have been added to the temporary mod list will be able to join the last slots in the game.


Server admins has 4 slots reserved.
Only people with access can join the last 4 slots, other users will get denied to the game.

You can find it here

Our first client side fix

Posted on 18 Aug 2006 by StealthEye
We have released a client+server fix, that means you need the client and the server patched for it to work. The problem is that it's not compatible with unpatched clients or servers, so there will probably be little ppl using it. If anyone has a way to get this to support unpatched clients as well, please try it or tell it to us. However it is a complex thing and only those who know ASM will probably be able to figure such a thing out. I'm still trying to find a way to do it.
I'm also working on a fig for the annoying "slow turrets" bug. I guess most ppl will understand what I mean by that. If I can figure it out, it will be a clientside patch compatible with unpatched servers most probably.
We forgot to post a news item about this yesterday, sorry for that.

See also:
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The BlackIntel download page

Server Scripts.dll problems.

Posted on 08 Aug 2006 by EvilWhiteDragon
BlackIntel 1 has some problems with CPU usage, and even get AOHost server to lag now and them. Since StealthEye is away till Saturday we cannot do much about it, but after that it will probebly be fixed fast.

To fix the problem I have set the server Fps to 20 since that should be playable ok, and is the only way to control the CPU usage at this moment.

Google adsense advertizing

Posted on 08 Aug 2006 by EvilWhiteDragon
As you might have seen on the forums, we have voted and it appears that most ppl don't really have problems with advertizing, so I put it on the website today.
The purpose of the ads is making some money that can be spend on hosting. This is because this host isn't always as stable as I would like.

Website updates

Posted on 03 Aug 2006 by EvilWhiteDragon
A couple of days ago we created the ladders for our servers , which you can find here:
BlackIntel 1 Ladder
BlackIntel 2 Ladder

We also made the sidebar much more usable by making some catagories in them. We didn't made them before because we didn't really needed them, but since our website has expaned so rappidly, we feel like we need them now :).