Server downtime

Posted on 29 Oct 2008 by EvilWhiteDragon
First: sorry for the long time no updates.

Ok, as you might have noticed, our website has been down since either 12am this morning or 6 am this morning. This is related to one of the SCSI disks failing. It has probably died.
At this very moment we're working really hard to get our renegade servers backup. We're trying to recover everything, but are unsure if we can get everything restored. We might have a corupted backup, as we seem to have problems with the MYSQL database.

We'll keep you updated.

Stanlyspy assistant clan leader

Posted on 17 Dec 2007 by SGTshakky
Stanlyspy has been promoted to the clans second in command!

The news is very late huh? But it's finally here.
Congrats' Stanly you deserve it, make the clan proud.

New webmaster for BlackIntel, SGTshakky :)

Posted on 24 Oct 2007 by SGTshakky
I'm sure I'll do a good job, il defiantly try my hardest ;)

Welcome Stewie!

Posted on 17 Sep 2007 by StealthEye
I'd like to welcome Stewie to BlackIntel as a coder! Perhaps not all of you might know him, he has not been all too active in the forums etc, however I've had a lot of good conversations with him, mostly about coding, in which he showed to be a good and enthousiastic coder. Combine that with the fact that the coders are all so busy with stuff, and it wasn't too hard to decide we would ask him to join BI, which he did not even have to think about... :P

We're getting him familiar with a few things as I type this message, and I'm sure he will be a good addition to the BlackIntel coding team.

So: Welcome, good luck and have fun! :)

Announcement: Rootserver hardware upgrade

Posted on 11 Sep 2007 by Cat998
On Friday, 14th of september (in 3 days) at 9 o'clock, our IRC server will go down for approximately a half hour due to a harddisk upgrade (a new 200 GB harddisk).

This will only affect our ircd. You connect to an other irc server like during this time.
Our main dedi server isn't affected in any way.

We are sorry for the inconveniences :)
Greetings - Cat998

And another new moderator: Sirshaks

Posted on 19 Aug 2007 by GhostShaw
We would like to welcome the newest addition to our moderating team Sirshaks. We are sure you will do fine!

rchap4 for moderator!

Posted on 31 Jul 2007 by StealthEye
Welcome to the moderator team rchap4, I'm sure you'll be a good moderator. Congrats and good luck!

BlackIntel2 revived!

Posted on 22 Jul 2007 by EvilWhiteDragon
Today we finally revived BlackIntel2, our second renegade server. We had planned to do this before (this is also the reason it went down), but now it's finally done!
What we did is turning it into an OldSkool Snipe server. This because we will be one of the first servers on the list, and thus have a reasonable chance to make it popular.
We will share this server with TheKOSs2 which will mean that some rules will be a bit different. Mainly being that we will not tolerate swearing at all. Yes, that is different then normal, but mostly the swearing ends in insulting and flames anyway. At this moment we don't have a swearbot set up and we hope that will not be neccesary either. If needed it will be ran on the sniper server.

Server update (extra info)

Posted on 29 Jun 2007 by EvilWhiteDragon
As you know we updated the server a couple of days back. I made some pictures both at the datacenter and at home. You can clearly see our new scsi card and (not so clearly) our 3 harddrives.

Server downtime

Posted on 25 Jun 2007 by StealthEye
Yesterday windows gave some annoying error messages after installing two disks on our dedicated server. Today we have been able to fix it. (Well, it magically started worked again...)
Additionally our IRC server decided to break today, so has been down for some time too, we are not sure what went wrong currently, however whatever it was, it's fixed, because IRC is working fine again.

Sorry for the one day downtime, hopefully the new disks will improve performance though.