BlackIntel announces BIRDS

Posted on 05 Feb 2007 by GhostShaw
BlackIntel hereby announces another project that has been in development for quite a while now. BIRDS stands for BlackIntel Retard Detection System and what it basically does is sharing all bans, kicks and warnings between servers. Additionally it also shares the untrusted players coming from BIATCH.

This system will basically work like this. There will be one main server (hosted by us), and each server will have a client side DLL. Not everyone will have access. We will only give out accounts (and the dll, even though its useless without account) to servers we trust, and which we know have trustworthy mods.

Even though all servers should be trustworthy each client can determine how much weight to give to each server and even separate mods.

Currently we have nearly finished the server, but the client does still need some work.