New Game and Clan Section

Posted on 01 Mar 2010 by Gwynzer
From the 3rd of March, BlackIntel will be supporting the new release Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as a server and clan section.

Due to the fact that DICE haven't released the dedicated server software (boo!) to anyone other than rental companies, we won't be able to host the game on our own serverbox, however we have managed to get a deal with Multiplay for a 32slot server, which will come online from the launch date. BlackIntel has had previous experience using Multiplay as they hosted the Ventrilo 3.0 Server and also a temporary Left 4 Dead 2 server for us.

Gwynzer will be leading the BFBC2 section, and also staying as section lead of the First Strike section due to the games being fairly similar, and that many of our current FS members will also be playing BFBC2 meaning there won't be much work for him.

Read the full news article for more clan information.

Server fixed

Posted on 24 Feb 2010 by StealthEye
It took us the entire day, but we finally left the datacenter and the server should be working again. Unfortunately, the main board broke, and we spent two hours attempting to get a proper replacement board but failed to find any. We therefore installed a board with two major disadvantages: the SCSI controller does not fit, hence some of our disks can no longer be connected. The other disadvantage is that it only supports two RAM modules, whereas we have 4. (2x 2GB and 2x 1GB). We can therefore only use 4GB currently.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and the infrequent updates, but ironically, we do not have WiFi access in the datacenter, and had to cope with the horrible speed of a mobile phone internet within a building with loads of concrete and metal. Even calling Ghostshaw and Goztow from there required us to leave the server room because there was not enough signal inside there... Sigh.

Ah well, we are done now. Temperatures are stable so we are confident it will no longer give problems. We will still have to determine what to do with the hardware we can no longer use.

Unexpected server downtime

Posted on 22 Feb 2010 by StealthEye
It seems our server suddenly shut down today, but it never restarted. Currently we are in the dark as to what happened; we can not contact the server in any way. We will only be able to get more information at 9 AM GMT. We will keep you updated in this thread on the forums.

Temporary TS3 server has been setup for us available at this address:

New nickname for our Renegade server

Posted on 12 Feb 2010 by EvilWhiteDragon
As you might have noticed, our Renegade section isn't really getting much players in the server. In order to (hopefully) improve this situation we asked Jelly for a higher nickname than our current A000000A. Jelly granted us the use of his a000000 nick.
This could help our server getting more players, but it will still need the support of our regular renegade players, you!

Oh, btw, thanks Jelly!

Server move finished

Posted on 13 Dec 2009 by StealthEye
As was posted yesterday on the forums already, the server move was finished yesterday at around 13:45. We encountered no real problems so it could be done quickly. We're sorry for the inconvenience the downtime may have caused.

Server move progress

Posted on 12 Dec 2009 by EvilWhiteDragon
We are currently under way to the first data center. See the server move progress topic on our forums for live updates on our progress.

Server move 12 dec confirmed + preliminary schedule

Posted on 09 Dec 2009 by EvilWhiteDragon
As we posted before we'll move our server from one data center to another, because our current provider decided to bill power usage while they didn't do that before.

We'll move to where we will be colocated in the Easynet/Leaseweb datacenter. It'll eventually also save us 10 euros a month base costs.

The schedule
9.50 Leave my parents home with StealthEye and Volvo V70
10.00 Pickup Ghostshaw and drive to Amsterdam
11.00 Arrive at the DCG data center
11.10 Start work on removing server (so server will be shut down around this time)
12.10 Leave DCG data center and drive to Easynet/Leasewed data center
12.30 Arrive at new data center, lunch break
13.00 Meet up with Jeroen Klaver from Web://Xtra and start placing server
14.30 Start server and leave data center
15.30 Drop off Ghostshaw
15.40 Arrival at my parents home

This is what we currently estimate, so it could (of course) take longer.

Website migration finished

Posted on 01 Dec 2009 by StealthEye
The website migration was finished today. There were no big problems, so it went pretty smoothly. The migration caused some small downtime on the website and forums, we're sorry for the inconvenience if you tried to access them when they were offline.

The new DNS entries are installed but it will take up to a few days to update them, therefore we installed a website proxy to make it happen a little more fluently. This proxy should allow access to the website even before the DNS updates propagated, at the cost of a little performance decrease. The website and forums may therefore load slightly slower than normal (if noticeable at all) over the next few days, but that will resolve itself automatically.

From our tests it seems everything is working again, if you however still encounter any functionality not working, errors being shown or anything that seems erroneous, please let us know. Thank you. :)

Website and server move upcoming

Posted on 24 Nov 2009 by EvilWhiteDragon
As you might have heard we have a small conflict with TransIP. Basically the problem is as follows: we have apparently used too much power off their powergrid, more than allowed by the contract. Now they charge us extra for that. All this is pretty fair, but the thing that troubles us the most is that they just started doing this since November. All of the sudden we're using too much power. Not any single warning or whatever. I e-mailed them asking for some leniency for the first month, because we never knew how much power our server was using.

Because of this, we'll be moving our server to a new colocation provider which should provide us with enough power for a decent price. Basically we'll be paying 45 euros a month instead of the current 55+23,50 (overusage) = 78,50 euro. The only downside of this is that our server will be down when we move it and ,even worse, we need to pay December both to our old provider as to our new provider + setup fee at our new provider. We expect that this will cost us about 180 to 200 euros which kinda sucks ;). Because of this huge amount of money we're once more asking for your donation. Even if it's just 5 euro it'll help out, we would appreciate it greatly!

Since we're moving the server, our website would experience downtime. Since we dislike having both our gameservers and webserver down at the same time, we're planning to move the website to Sep76's host before we're going to move the server. We expect to do this somewhere this week/weekend. The moving itself can be done pretty fast, but the DNS update could take some time to get through (up to 24 hours) so don't be scared if our website is down all of the sudden. We've though up a way that should minimize downtime to a few minutes if everything goes well.
During the website downtime you will still be able to visit us on IRC (scroll down a bit) where you can have a chat with us if you want :).

When we have a fixed date for the webserver move we'll post more! The game or main) server will probably be moved on December the 12th, but that's not yet confirmed.

Renegade X server updated to version 0.40

Posted on 23 Nov 2009 by EvilWhiteDragon
Saturday we updated the RenegadeX server to the latest version. Now we have 5 maps in the rotation which are Hourglass, Horologe (variant on hourglass), Islands, Vulcano and of course Field.
We're planning to get the RenX section a bit more active, so stay tuned for more updated on our RenegadeX server :)

You can find more information on the update (and it's download) here: