Happy new year everyone + site n mods updates

Posted on 08 Jan 2007 by EvilWhiteDragon
First of all I want ot wish everyone the best for 2007 ;) May this become a good mod year for renegade!

Moderator changes.

We removed xocezert from the moderator list because we had serveral complaints about him and after we had a good look at them most where indeed true. We also heard that he might have been cheating, but we have not found proper evidence to support that so we didnt ban him from the servers. Not that that would be neccesary I think, because I heard he quited renegade anyway.

We where more or less also forced to take dead6re's mod access, this because he talked about things he shouldn't have been talking about, atleast not without our permission. He is punished for it and is now trying to regain our trust.

So not much good news eh? Well, I have some good news too, just read on ;)

We knew we needed some new mods so after we recruited Trace we recruited alanco9 and very recently we made HTT-Bird a mod too. Alanco9 will just become a "normal" mod and HTT-Bird will probably gonna do some coding for us. He will probably add some extra safegaurds against cheaters , which is ofcourse always a good thing :).

Site updates.

We've added playerlistings to the XWIS server page so it is possible to see who's in the server. Also we added a "Who's online?" section on the staff page so you can now directly see what admin and what moderators are online, and where.

Sorry for the lack of updates here btw, we will try to keep you guys informed ;)

That's it for now :).