Posted on 21 Apr 2006 by StealthEye
I've done quite a lot fixes to the scipts.dll code. I also rewrote some systems to work better and to be more easy to maintain.

The fixes include the bug that all commands would be parsed twice, once by my scripts.dll, and once by brenbot. Now, the commands I made will not be parsed by brenbot. The main advantages are that brenbot is slow sometimes, might not be running or has major or minor bugs.

Another important fix is that the server would crash on any message with %s in it. Other scripts.dll bots may have the same problem, due to a misinterpretation of an internal scripts.dll command (Console_Output). My bot uses Console_Output for example to show messages to the console, which would fail is %s was used.
I have notified jonwil, the scripts.dll owner, and he said it should be fixed in the new version. I have fixed it in my version already.
If you want to test it, type "msg %s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s" (or any long string with a lot of "%s") ingame after pressing F8. Your game should crash.. :P That's kinda what happened to the server too...

Changed hosts

Posted on 21 Apr 2006 by StealthEye
Ok, we've changed hosts, we got some trouble and that's why the site was so slow for the past few days, but it should be over now... Currently the XWIS query page is not working, but I hope to fix that soon. A few minor changes should be done and new pages should appear sometime we find time to finish them... :)

Updates, updates, updates...

Posted on 12 Apr 2006 by StealthEye
1 month no site updates, that's a long time :(. I've been buzy with school, so I really hadn't got the time to write anything here. I did find time to do some modding though, ans thought it would be better to have mods + no site updates than site updates without mods ;) So, here's what I've done lately..

I've modified the vehicle theft detection and bind commands. Note that by "bind", I mean something replacing the !bind and !lock commands, it is not at all based on the SSAOW !bind's.
Whenever you buy a vehicle, it is automatically bound to you, directly after creating, making you able to detect who stole your vehicle, even if it was stolen right after buying it. If it is destroyed, or an enemy steals it, you'll get a message. When a teammate gets in, both he and you would get a message, and you would be able to do !give to change the owership, or !vkick to get him out of your vehicle. You may also use !unbind to bind the vehicle to the first player entering the vehicle after you exited it, or !rebind to change the ownership to one specific player.
Most of the system is already working, the !vkick and !give commands are not fully working yet, that's why currently only BlkIntel3 runs the mod.

I have included a !version command to show the latest build time and scripts.dll version, this is mostly to help our staff to see whether everything is still running the latest versions.

I optimized, cleaned up, renamed and rewrote some code sections and names. Nothing more to say about that actually...

I have set limits on the !setm and !sets, as really high numbers caused renegade to act weird (making you unable to buy anything, and only a suicide would work).

But, most importantly (well, maybe the auto-bind is as important as this is), I rewrote the whole server console. Now the blue console screen's size and buffer can be changed in the config file, instead of the default (too small) size.
Before I rewrote the console, it was hard for admins to use it, as lines of text were constantly written to the screen, and made it look really strange. From now on, the text you write to the console is inserted at the bottom of the screen, and whenever a message arrives, that line is rewritten, so you see no change to the bottom line.
There's more cool stuff in the new console though, you may now use the arrow and function keys like del, ins, home and end to modify your command. Up and down, as well as page up and page down will walk through all previously typed commands. New function keys have been assigned to common actions, such as help, player and game info and sending messages. F5 clears all output and gives you a nice clean window.
If you've worked with the old console before, you'll definitely love the changes.
Currently this mod is beta, as I've not yet found time to test it thoroughly, but it will soon be used permanently on BI 1 and 2.

Problems and updates...

Posted on 11 Mar 2006 by StealthEye
I have changed the way "hidden" ingame messages (eg. commands like !help and !rules) are shown ingame. I have made them colored gray in the console. Also I have made the commands work in a slightly more logical way: Usually the commands were shown below the command output, but now the command message is above the output.

The commands !suicide, !kill and !killme will now instantly kill you. This is useful for example if you cannot access PTs after rejoining, you got stucked, or having any other problems.

I've worked on harvy blocking. I have 2 methods working, one completely blocks the harvester from moving, one will just stop the harvester from his waypath. This makes the harvy stop but it can be pushed for example. The other method has a few visible glitches, whereas the 2nd method might stop the harvester from working if you block it while it's harvesting.
Also I have not yet got a team commander or anything to get the harvester blocked in a fair way.

I noticed that my !lock conflicted with SSAOW's lock, it would lock the vehicle in 2 ways, send 2 messages, etc. I have therefore disabled my lock command.

Now for the problems: We have been experiancing a few sudden crashes in the server. I have done some debugging but am not yet sure why they occur. I hope to have it fixed ASAP.

New auto complete section

Posted on 02 Mar 2006 by StealthEye
As we have added a lot of auto complete actions to replace short aliases, we have made a list of them. You can find the list and some info about auto complete on the auto complete page.

Server reorganization 2

Posted on 02 Mar 2006 by StealthEye
BlckIntel has changed to BlkIntel1, BlkIntel1 has changed to BlkIntel2. Our test server is now known as BlkIntel3 to use more consistent names. BlckIntel is no longer used.
We have also reinstalled our servers to make sure everything is configured right and no strange problems will occur. Also to support the change to SSAOW 1.4.1.

SSAOW 1.4.1

Posted on 02 Mar 2006 by StealthEye
We have ported the mods to version 1.4.1 of SSAOW. Now supporting everything SSAOW 1.4.1 supports, and ofcourse our own mods :) Now the new SSAOW key commands should also work.

Server reorganization

Posted on 28 Feb 2006 by EvilWhiteDragon
We got an extra server running our full mod: Flictserv has changed into BlkIntel1 and now has the mutant hijacker crate instead of the Stealth crate. The advantage of this is that it's easier to identify servers which are running our modded scripts.dll.

We are currently working on upgrading our scripts.dll core from version 2.1.3 to 2.3.1. When we are done with this our servers will run SSAOW 1.4.1 with our custom mods. Maybe we will have some updates in the server organization again by then. But this will probably only include server numbering and max player counts.
Our XWIS server listings have been updated to show our servers in blue, and we are not using red any more.

New name and updates

Posted on 28 Feb 2006 by StealthEye
EvlDr4g0n and I have for long thought about a decent name: a good sounding, unique, and (more or less) meaningful name. As we felt we were unrelated to C&C RenEclips (cncre) which we worked with before, we had changed our name to Black Ops X. However, we saw that name being used too often, and found it not unique enough, so we decided to think long about a new name and change everything to get a decent name: BlackIntel. We hope you like it as much as we do :)

Together with the name change, we have updated some sections of the site: updated the todo page, changed our name everywhere, placed the irc servers and channels to the server page.
We have also added a new page showing the online XWIS renegade servers. It updates every time it is visited, so please don't refresh it continuately, but you can basically see all info for all servers.. Our own servers and other servers running our mods are colored red and blue.


Posted on 28 Feb 2006 by StealthEye
I have done several changes to scripts.dll since the start of the site. At first I have modified the ingame bot to be able to change, hide and in any other way modify the messages sent by anyone. This makes the autocomplete work better (so, when you type "repwf" your message is replaced with "Repair the weapons factory!".

I have also moved a lot of configuration to (ini) data files, so you can easily change settings without recompiling the whole program. Involved commands include !help text, !mods text, !rules text, autocomplete options and an pre join messages ignore list, as bots like TreeAngle would join every 15 minutes, which would result in useless spamming of the about to join messages...

I worked on a !smp (set max players) command, to change the player count on the fly. The only problem it has right now is that it cannot exceed your original max player count set in your fds config, so if you set maxplayers to 10, then do !smp 4 and do !smp 8, 8 players can join, however, if you set maxplayers to 10, !smp 20 will not work properly. (It will state there can be 20 users in game, but if you try to join, you get the "game is full" message).

You can now use !help <command> to get extra information on a specific command.

Also, I fixed some (potential) memory leaks.