Happy Birthday BlackIntel!

Posted on 05 Feb 2007 by StealthEye
BlackIntel's first anniversary! Several things have been planned for today, and there have been several deadlines ending today, so we've got some stuff to announce too!

BIATCH, I'm sure you have heard about it. Our server side anti cheat and cheat detection solution. We had hoped to get at least a beta out today, I've spent most of my time working on it over the past week, however the final touches needed way more time then we had expected. We do currently have a build which is near to completion and which has the bugs which had been reported (mostly by TK2) fixed. Expect a beta or release soon!

Also, our scripts.dll RG SSC we were working on should be finished today or at least pretty soon. It depends on a few things, but we might be able to detect rgh with it. I will not give any further details for now, we should first wait for the test results.

Then there is the interview planned for tonight. Renegadecommunity.com will be interviewing us. The result will be uploaded on their site and we will probably add another news post when the interview is finished. Stay tuned! ;)

Meanwhile our own scripts.dll running at a0000000a/b/c did not have many updates due to the various other projects. Some bugs have been fixed but nothing major. I hope to get a list of these and write a newspost about them soon as I do not have time to do it right now.

Good, that should be most of the important things we're currently into. I'm aware of the little updates on the site, I'm sorry for that.

And again:
Happy birthday BlackIntel!