New clan leader for BlackIntel appointed

Posted on 29 Jan 2009 by DKDexter999
DKDexter999 has been appointed as the new leader of the BlackIntel clan.

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Server downtime

Posted on 03 Jan 2009 by StealthEye
The servers are currently down for maintenance. We do not know exactly when this is done, but expect a few hours downtime.

Public IRC online!

Posted on 23 Dec 2008 by DKDexter999
The BlackIntel-TheKOSs2 merged server's public IRC channel is now online at #BI-TK2!

The BlackIntel IRC is linked to the N00bstories IRC, so if you are connected to that, just join the channel #BI-TK2.

If you don't have an IRC client installed, read more here.

BlackIntel and TheKOSs2 Server Merge

Posted on 23 Dec 2008 by Trace
The KOSs2 and BlackIntel are proud to announce we will be merging our public AOW servers into one merged server that will include both KOSs2 style and BlackIntel style maps in the same rotation!

The launch is previewed for 23/12/08, around 8 PM UK time and we hope to see many players to check out this unique Renegade server!

Here's some more info on the new server and new rules we agreed on.

Server merge

The idea

The idea is to merge our servers and keep everyone happy regarding playing style and create more diversification.

Three maps out of six will be TK2-style (no start creds, no vehicle wrecks, no special crates, no !bh command, ... : just like we have it now on the TK2 server) and three will be BI-style (with all the "mods" and special commands they currently have on their server). At the start of a style changing map, a F2 and PM message will inform the players of the changing in gaming style.

The ranking system that's currently in place on the TK2 server, which includes a monthly reset, will stay in place so there's a challenge for everyone.

New rules:

We don't allow: cheats, advantage skins, tunnel beacons, ob glitching, vehicles in buildings, flaming vehicles, teamhampering, bad swearing. Respect other players. Speak English.

I am a webmaster now!

Posted on 15 Dec 2008 by DKDexter999
Since the server crash occurred the website has been lacking some new information, as well as "old" information was back.

So I asked StealthEye whether I could be of any assistance in updating the website and the news here, and, well, apparently it was greatly appreciated because no later than StealthEye and I had logged off the server I got access to edit and post news, as well as edit the main site.

So I hope I won't let you guys down; both administrators as well as server users, coders, and clan members.

Kind regards,

Maintenence over

Posted on 26 Nov 2008 by StealthEye
The maintenance seems to have succeeded in time, at least we have control over our server again. The servers have been started and everything should be running like normal again. :)

Datacenter maintenance

Posted on 25 Nov 2008 by StealthEye
TransIP informed us that the power bar in the server rack our server is located in will be replaced tonight from 23:30 to 0:00 GMT. Due to this the servers will be offline during that time. We will shut down the server around 23:25 to ease the process. If everything goes well our servers will be up again shortly after the maintenance.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Brenbot problems resolved

Posted on 16 Nov 2008 by StealthEye
The problem with brenbot restarting whenever a player left has been resolved. It apparently was a conflict between the !rtc plugin and the version of brenbot we were using.

Short forum downtime

Posted on 10 Nov 2008 by StealthEye
After a reboot our forum database suddenly was not working. We don't really know what caused this to happen, but there was some error in the database login info. We have corrected the problem now though, the forums should be workinng again. :)

Problems mostly solved

Posted on 29 Oct 2008 by StealthEye
The problems we had due to the failing disk have mostly been resolved. Due to another problem with the backup exclusion rules we have lost all folders named "data". Unfortunately the MySQL database and several of our server folders had this common name, resulting in the loss of our forum data and ingame server ranks. We also lost the subversion repository we use for versioning our code, which is very unfortunate as well since we can not go back in our code history now. The faulty backup exclusion rules have been fixed so we should not get the same problems again.

Due to the incomplete backups it took quite some time for us to resolve the problems. Everything should now be running again though. The only thing that needs doing now is improving the forum skin.

If there is anything left that is not functioning correctly, please report.

Sorry for the inconvenience.