BlackIntel and TheKOSs2 Server Merge

Posted on 23 Dec 2008 by Trace
The KOSs2 and BlackIntel are proud to announce we will be merging our public AOW servers into one merged server that will include both KOSs2 style and BlackIntel style maps in the same rotation!

The launch is previewed for tonight, around 8 PM UK time and we hope to see many players to check out this unique Renegade server!

Here's some more info on the new server and new rules we agreed on.

Server merge

The idea

The idea is to merge our servers and keep everyone happy regarding playing style and create more diversification.

Three maps out of six will be TK2-style (no start creds, no vehicle wrecks, no special crates, no !bh command, ... : just like we have it now on the TK2 server) and three will be BI-style (with all the "mods" and special commands they currently have on their server). At the start of a style changing map, a F2 and PM message will inform the players of the changing in gaming style.

Rotation (total: 24 maps):

TK2 style map1 (rush)
TK2 style map2 (base defense)
TK2 style map3 (rush)
BI style map1
BI style map2
BI style map3
TK2 style map4 (rush)
TK2 style map5 (base defense)
TK2 style map6 (rush)
BI style map4
BI style map5
BI style map6
TK2 style map7 (rush)
TK2 style map8 (base defense)
TK2 style map9 (rush)
BI style map7
BI style map8
BI style map9
TK2 style map10 (rush)
TK2 style map11 (base defense)
TK2 style map12 (rush)
BI style map10
BI style map11
BI style map12

The ranking system that's currently in place on the TK2 server, which includes a monthly reset, will stay in place so there's a challenge for everyone.

Moderation rules

We eliminated the moderation differences, as we can't change rules every map.

New rules:

We don't allow: cheats, advantage skins, tunnel beacons, ob glitching, vehicles in buildings, flaming vehicles, teamhampering, bad swearing. Respect other players. Speak English.

Rules details:

Apply these rules while playing and you should never get problems with moderators. If you don't act upon them, you can expect to be punished. Beneath we give our rules and possible punishment for not acting upon them. However, a mod can still decide himself on the punishment he gives for it, based on his own experience with a player. If a player has complaints about moderation, he should post them on the forums so we can take action if needed.

No Cheating: cheating will be punished with an immediate permanent ban. There are several cheats around, clear ones like final renegade or more subtile ones like bighead, ... Moderators can ask you for a screenshot or a test if they suspect you from cheating. If you do not give the evidence they ask, you will be kick-banned for failing the tests. Also be aware that our server has enhanced cheat protection, so better think twice before you consider cheating on it. Cheating bans will never be cleared.

Respect the mods: the moderators are there to play a game in the first place, to moderate the server in the second place. They're certainly not there to accept being abused. Please respect them. If you don't agree with a moderator, you should bring the topic to the forums and not abuse them in the game. Arguing about a moderator's decision in-game will only lead to more frustration and will lead to nothing. Usually, moderators will first warn you, then qkick you and then consider if a day, week or permanent ban would be appropriate, except for cheaters who will always immediately be permanently banned.

No tunnel beacons: for tunnel beacons you'll be warned one time, do it again and a day or week ban will follow.

No advantage skins: advantage skins are considered cheats and will be punished as cheats. This includes bright sniper skins, clearscope, bright beacons, cloak sounds and many many more. If you get banned for using advantage skins, you can appeal your ban on our forums and we may decide to give you a 2nd chance but might ask you regularly for screenshot from then on.

Bug Exploiting: bug exploiting will be seen as cheating and will be punished as it. Here's a non exhaustive list of "bugs":

- harv walk: natural use of the game assets
- infantry walljump, except to get at places where infantry isn't ment to be: teamwork
- walk to oby with 2 players: 1 gets killed, other walk towards it = like apc rushing: you take a hit
- use building parts (like the hand on top of the HON) to hide from the obelisk/agt
- disarming mines by walking against walls to avoid damage
- ...

- ob walk (walking backward glitching the ob)
- vehicle waljump

base to base (b2b): this refers to the use of a vehicle or infantry unit to attack enemy buildings from within its own base. after a warning, b2b-ers will be kicked if they continue. If they do it again, they'll get a day or week ban. People who b2b after others have been warned/kicked for it, can be kicked without a warning. On Islands, shooting with the MRL from just after the river is not considered b2b (as you're not in your base...).

Hill Camping (hc): This refers to the use of a vehicle to attack enemy buildings from the central hill on Hourglass. Shooting the harv or other vehicles is not considered as hill camping. Hill camping is not possible on our server. There is no need to moderate it.

Tank Stealing: all players can use the "!vkick " command to kick you out of their vehicle and kill you. If you keep doing it, you can be kicked from the server by a moderator.

Wall jump: is allowed with infantry, not with vehicles (mesa). You will directly be kicked for wall jumping with vehicles (day ban if case of recidivism). It is not allowed to wall jump with infantry to get on building roofs that are usually not accessible.

No bad swearing: see underneath.

No oby walk: walking backward glitching the ob is considered as a cheat. Walk and hide, waiting for the obelisk to discharge, is allowed.

Speak English only where possible: English only, if you want to talk an other language then plz page the person u want to talk to. This is important so everyone can understand eachother. No English = warn - kick - day ban in case of recidivism.

Moderator and ban list

The BI moderators have not changed, the TK2 moderator list has been limited to the active Renegade members of TK2.

We also cleaned out old non-cheat related bans.

Swearing, insulting, general atmosphere

In order for our members to enjoy their games in our server, we believe that there should be a pleasant environment. This pleasant environment should be achieve with an equilibrium between tolerance and respect for the other players.


By tolerance, we refer to our human ability of understanding that everyone has different ways of expressing their emotions. These emotions can appear in many ways ingame. Most of the expresions used can be torelated easily because they do not use words / phrases that may be offensive, however, now a days, swearing and insults are used generally in order to express emotions without the intentions of offending anyone.

I think we can all agree that when someone trips and falls, screaming “W~T~F” or “S~h~i~t” they are not meaning to offend anyone, but to express their suprise, anger, etc.. because they are falling.

However, Both, the expressing player and the listener, have to understand that without the intention of offending anyone, those expressions can become offensive or bothering if repeated or abused of.

Using the above ideas, we believe that all players should apply some tolerance to their gameplay to enjoy a pleasant environment. We believe that the next rules regarding Tolerance should be applied. This means:

* Swearing can be tolerated if not used to offend anyone. If someone does feel offended they have the right to say so and ask for the other player to stop. Both players should apply tolerance and respect in this issue.
* Abusive Swearing will not be tolerated because we believe that it really leads to an unpleasent environment. Abusers will be:

1.- reminded of the rules via pm F2 chat
2.- depending of the amount of swearing a 2nd a 3rd warning via pm/F"

3.- Qkicked
4.- Dban
5.- Wban if have had a Dban for swearing lately

In case of repetivive wban etc.. a perm ban can be considered.


Respect, is the main value in our server. We believe that if all members respect each other their shouldnt be any problem ingame. However, as we all know, this is hard to achive.

For this reason we believe there should be ZERO TOLERANCE for this issue.

In the server, we will not tolerate:

* Insults

o Idiot, a~s~s~h~o~l~e, dumbass, whitetrass, whore, bitch etc...

* Offensive Swearing directed to other players

o F~u~c~k off, f~u~c~king twat, etc..

* Ofensive Sentences (which do not include insults but are ment to be used as)

o "yo mama is fatter than the world, u big as fatso face"... dunno etc...

* Racist remarks
* Political remarks
* Religious remarks

o Any remark that is intended to offend anyone religion.

* Other things that you may think of that may be used to offend anyone.

Swear bot

The swear bot will be used as a measure of helping moderate the real offensive issues (racist remarks for example).

The rest of the moderating will be done by the moderators who will be in charge of deciding if a player is abusing of swearing or is not.