BlackIntel 1 reinstall

Posted on 26 May 2006 by StealthEye
We have reinstalled the BI1 server for multiple reasons. A faster and more secure disk config, a cpu upgrade and a better tweaked, smaller and much faster win 2k install. Also the last tracks of the virus which might have still existed have been cleaned.

Global site update

Posted on 26 May 2006 by StealthEye
We have updated most of our pages. We have updated the mod info to better match the current configuration, we have updated the mod future (former mod todo) to match most of our current todo, that means we have not included small fixes and secret stuff.. We have added one FAQ too. That's about it for the updates... :)

Server downtime

Posted on 23 May 2006 by StealthEye
BlkIntel1 has been down for a few days, due to a virus. The virus should be gone now, and the server is up and running again.
Expect the server to be down soon for hardware upgrades tho.

No updates...

Posted on 23 May 2006 by StealthEye
I haven't done much updates lately, mainly because I have worked on the secret project... :) It getting along fine, the basics are working perfectly.
Also I have done a little fix to the obelisk fix as it would shoot at stolen enemy vehicles when they where stolen while it is shooting at it (especially a bad bug when you are hijacker...)

Movie section update

Posted on 07 May 2006 by EvilWhiteDragon
Yesterday Flict and me made a couple of new movies for the site. these are in my opinion a bit harder then the previously uploaded movies. These are advanced tactics and should be only be atempted by advanced players on servers with and fixed Obelisk (see our mod info page)

Movies section

Posted on 06 May 2006 by EvilWhiteDragon
This week StealthEye and me made a couple of ingame movies. Nothing special, except that they are of rather advanced tactics, and require quite some skill. We did the "Walk into the NOD refinery" movie about 40 times because it was so damn hard to do. Most of them are impossible to do in a normal game, but it is just a showoff :P.

If you think about replicating them, you will probebly fail since you need the "obelisk fix" which, as far as I know are only avaible at the BlackIntel servers

Updated Funshots

Posted on 03 May 2006 by EvilWhiteDragon
We made a whole lot more funshots and today we uploaded them to the site :).
I particularly like the "Lock view to turret off" section.
Go check them out here.

More console news

Posted on 26 Apr 2006 by StealthEye
Ok, the console had some updates again. It now is able to auto-complete commands when you hit the tab button. If there are multiple commands matching your input, those will be listed. These messages will be displayed in green to make it easier to distinguish.

I've also made a screenshot of the console, if you know how the 'old' console was, you'll definitely see what's improved. If you don't, trust me, this one works much smoother. :)

Console image

Funshots, custom 404 and minor others

Posted on 26 Apr 2006 by StealthEye
Ok, let's start with the biggest change: We have added a page with good and funny screenshots. You can see funny mod bugs, command abuses to get into impossible situations in the real game, other good screenshots, etc. We hope you like the new page. :) More screenshots should be uploaded soon, but as we haven't thought about updates much, the system we used isn't really handy for us to update. We're thinking of changing the system or whether we should just do it "the hard way" from now on.
If you feel you have some (potentially) good screenshot (or maybe even multiple) feel free to send them to one of our staff members. Thanks in advance. :)

Second change is that the 404 error pages have been replaced by site integrated error messages. This is to prevent the site from going to our host's custom error pages, as that wasn't really practical.

Then we have done some minor changes, for example we added the irc channels to the staff page for easier contacting us.

XWIS Query

Posted on 22 Apr 2006 by StealthEye
Ok, that took much more time than I thought, but the XWIS pages are working again. The avarage query time is 0.8 seconds (as seen at the bottom of the page), which is slower than on my home server (0.2) :(. Let's hope it has a bad day now :)
The advantage is that this one seems not to have a bug that we had before: a blank page would sometimes show up. I think that's due to the different way of connecting to XWIS.