Funshots, custom 404 and minor others

Posted on 26 Apr 2006 by StealthEye
Ok, let's start with the biggest change: We have added a page with good and funny screenshots. You can see funny mod bugs, command abuses to get into impossible situations in the real game, other good screenshots, etc. We hope you like the new page. :) More screenshots should be uploaded soon, but as we haven't thought about updates much, the system we used isn't really handy for us to update. We're thinking of changing the system or whether we should just do it "the hard way" from now on.
If you feel you have some (potentially) good screenshot (or maybe even multiple) feel free to send them to one of our staff members. Thanks in advance. :)

Second change is that the 404 error pages have been replaced by site integrated error messages. This is to prevent the site from going to our host's custom error pages, as that wasn't really practical.

Then we have done some minor changes, for example we added the irc channels to the staff page for easier contacting us.