BlackIntel2 revived!

Posted on 22 Jul 2007 by EvilWhiteDragon
Today we finally revived BlackIntel2, our second renegade server. We had planned to do this before (this is also the reason it went down), but now it's finally done!
What we did is turning it into an OldSkool Snipe server. This because we will be one of the first servers on the list, and thus have a reasonable chance to make it popular.
We will share this server with TheKOSs2 which will mean that some rules will be a bit different. Mainly being that we will not tolerate swearing at all. Yes, that is different then normal, but mostly the swearing ends in insulting and flames anyway. At this moment we don't have a swearbot set up and we hope that will not be neccesary either. If needed it will be ran on the sniper server.