Website updates

Posted on 12 May 2007 by StealthEye
We have updated some parts of the website, which can be seen in the navigation on the left. The various subsections can now be accessed using the expanding menus. For example the BIATCH documentation and clan site were separate websites until now, and have now been nicely integrated in the rest of the site. Also some other parts have been grouped to organise it a little better.
Internally a lot has been changed too, we are now using some sort of custom CMS we made, which is really flexible and simple, so it should be rather easy for us to do site updates, so hopefully we will have more of those. ;)

Another thing is that we switched to a new domain, We have done this mostly because we wanted to get rid of the - in the name, which caused confusion about the proper spelling of BlackIntel. Remember, no dash and no space. ;) We will still keep the old domain registered for quite some time though, so this switch should go fluently. Some people are still having problems with accessing this page at the moment, however forcing a page refresh (by pressing ctrl+f5 in your browser window) should fix these.

Oh, I forgot to say that the rankings are now functioning again, and that you can even sort them by rank/name/kills/etc. Take a look at the rankings page!