Posted on 24 Apr 2007 by GhostShaw
We hereby release BIATCH 1.0.

It contains various fixes, here are some important ones:
Updated installer and uninstaller (it works now).
Several bugs found in RC 1 have been fixed.
Feet has changed into meters.
Hugely expanded documentation.

The rest of the changes can be found in the changelog in the documentation. You should read the documentation anyway because it conatins much new and important information. We also added better information about the weapons and the amount of damage it can do.

Some people have also been complaining about BIATCH spamming a lot of false-positives. This may happen on servers which have thier objects.ddb/aow damage values modded. Since the client doesn't "know" this, it will send an "illegal" amount of damage. Even though it is the normal damage.
Another problem with this is that because of the clients determining the damage that is applied, the modded server values wont have any effect.

BIATCH download
BIATCH documentation
(The documents about BIATCH that were installed with the RC1 version are outdated and will not be updated. So make sure that you visit the site instead of opening the old documentation directory).