New dedicated server box

Posted on 09 Apr 2007 by StealthEye
Last saturday we (Ghostshaw, EvilWhiteDragon and I) installed our new dedicated server in a datacenter in Amsterdam. After working hard to get things set up and running, it seems to be pretty stable and nice now. A few remaining problems will be sorted out soon, but in my opinion it went pretty fluently. We hope this one will even better than the box we used to rent. Due to the enormous amount of things we had to do, fix, explain, etc we kind of forgot about posting a news post, but here it is anyway. ;)

We also switched to a new way to connect to XWIS. Instead of using WolAPI we recoded most of its functionality to be able to keep the servers running when they lose connection to xwis and for some other less interesting reasons. Although it seemed to be running pretty well in test phase it turned out to be impossible to kick or ban players anymore! Also BIATCH could not ban players in that period. That has now been fixed though. :)

We apologise for any trouble caused by these things, like interrupted games or server crashes. However in the end these changes will only have positive effects. We hope you agree there! ;)