Igglyboo's mod rights revoked

Posted on 10 Feb 2007 by EvilWhiteDragon
We were thinking about revoking Igglyboo's mod rights, but we wanted to check if he behaved as bad as we thought he did. Unfortunately we found out that it was perhaps even worse then we thought.

What he did he do you might ask?
Well, he was rather offending towards other players and he used a lot of capital letters. Things that a normal would have gotten banned for.
As a moderator you should actually know that you are not supposed to swear, talk in caps, change teams in empty games, insult others thinking you are great yourself and trying to get money off fellow teammates for your own actions by phases like "Donate me and I will win the game!".
As we want proper and fair moderators, we cannot tolerate this and as a consequence, we had to take Igglyboo's modrights.