These are the guidelines for mods etc, so read if you don't want to test the mods. Note that there could be cases not listed on here and a different action may be taken based on the situation. These are mainly meant as guidelines to both our moderators and players.


  • Insulting in public or private / bad language
  • Abuse of radio messages, commands, flooding or similar
  • Blowing up team vehicles on purpose
  • Hampering team from repairing or attacking
  • Talking in all uppercase


  • Not listening to a warning by continuing or repeating later on
  • Multiple vehicle stealing
  • Serious personal insults
  • Racism (2 kicks = ban)


  • 3 kicks in a short period (for example one day)
  • Cheating


The following is allowed but is oftenly discussed or misunderstood.

  • Refiller "n00bs" are considered to have the advantage of being in their own base
  • Spawn killing is allowed