New Game and Clan Section

Posted on 01 Mar 2010 by Gwynzer
From the 3rd of March, BlackIntel will be supporting the new release Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as a server and clan section.

Due to the fact that DICE haven't released the dedicated server software (boo!) to anyone other than rental companies, we won't be able to host the game on our own serverbox, however we have managed to get a deal with Multiplay for a 32slot server, which will come online from the launch date. BlackIntel has had previous experience using Multiplay as they hosted the Ventrilo 3.0 Server and also a temporary Left 4 Dead 2 server for us.

Gwynzer will be leading the BFBC2 section, and also staying as section lead of the First Strike section due to the games being fairly similar, and that many of our current FS members will also be playing BFBC2 meaning there won't be much work for him.

On a related note, all the Unreal Tournament 3 services have been pulled down due to lack of interest. Upon the release of Renegade X, we'll consider starting up a section for that.

The clan staff have also started to have regular meetings to discuss issues within the community and clan. Our first meeting was on 11th of February where we discussed the removal of the UT3 section and the addition of the BFBC2 section. We also discussed ways to try to increase Renegade activity, which has been met with partial success.

The Next Clan Staff meeting is the 7th of March, if you feel you have any issues you'd like us to discuss, contact Dexter, Gwynzer or any of the Administrators and we'll make it a point to include it in our meeting. If you want to raise something anonymously, feel free to create a throwaway e-mail and send any of the staff your query. Our e-mail addresses are located on the Staff page.