Server move 12 dec confirmed + preliminary schedule

Posted on 09 Dec 2009 by EvilWhiteDragon
As we posted before we'll move our server from one data center to another, because our current provider decided to bill power usage while they didn't do that before.

We'll move to where we will be colocated in the Easynet/Leaseweb datacenter. It'll eventually also save us 10 euros a month base costs.

The schedule
9.50 Leave my parents home with StealthEye and Volvo V70
10.00 Pickup Ghostshaw and drive to Amsterdam
11.00 Arrive at the DCG data center
11.10 Start work on removing server (so server will be shut down around this time)
12.10 Leave DCG data center and drive to Easynet/Leasewed data center
12.30 Arrive at new data center, lunch break
13.00 Meet up with Jeroen Klaver from Web://Xtra and start placing server
14.30 Start server and leave data center
15.30 Drop off Ghostshaw
15.40 Arrival at my parents home

This is what we currently estimate, so it could (of course) take longer.