Website and server move upcoming

Posted on 24 Nov 2009 by EvilWhiteDragon
As you might have heard we have a small conflict with TransIP. Basically the problem is as follows: we have apparently used too much power off their powergrid, more than allowed by the contract. Now they charge us extra for that. All this is pretty fair, but the thing that troubles us the most is that they just started doing this since November. All of the sudden we're using too much power. Not any single warning or whatever. I e-mailed them asking for some leniency for the first month, because we never knew how much power our server was using.

Because of this, we'll be moving our server to a new colocation provider which should provide us with enough power for a decent price. Basically we'll be paying 45 euros a month instead of the current 55+23,50 (overusage) = 78,50 euro. The only downside of this is that our server will be down when we move it and ,even worse, we need to pay December both to our old provider as to our new provider + setup fee at our new provider. We expect that this will cost us about 180 to 200 euros which kinda sucks ;). Because of this huge amount of money we're once more asking for your donation. Even if it's just 5 euro it'll help out, we would appreciate it greatly!

Since we're moving the server, our website would experience downtime. Since we dislike having both our gameservers and webserver down at the same time, we're planning to move the website to Sep76's host before we're going to move the server. We expect to do this somewhere this week/weekend. The moving itself can be done pretty fast, but the DNS update could take some time to get through (up to 24 hours) so don't be scared if our website is down all of the sudden. We've though up a way that should minimize downtime to a few minutes if everything goes well.
During the website downtime you will still be able to visit us on IRC (scroll down a bit) where you can have a chat with us if you want :).

When we have a fixed date for the webserver move we'll post more! The game or main) server will probably be moved on December the 12th, but that's not yet confirmed.