Server maintenance live updates

Posted on 23 May 2009 by GhostShaw
Hey there guys, typing from EWD's (well his dads anyway) car here. I will be updating this post with news as we go along.

09:02 We left at EWD's home for the shop where we bought the Q6700
10:10 We now have the CPU from the shop and are heading for Amsterdam
11:11 Due to heavy traffic (and annoying 45 KM cars) we will probably be arriving a little later then planned at the datacenter
12:01 We arrived at the data center and are logged in (fingerprints ZOMG). We will take the server down in a few minutes and start the maintenance.
12:32 The CPU has bee n replaced and tested. We also checked which of the SCSI disks was broken and are replacing it now.
13:07 It appears as though our spare HDD is also busted and we diagnosed the wrong HDD asbeing broken. So removing the broken HDD's and reattaching the good one.
14:40 We are moving the windows partition to the new SATA 400 GB disk since its most likely more reliable and almost twice as fast. This is nearly done and also the last thing that needs doing.
17:40 Finally finished pff, we had to go get a new cooler really quick cause (unlike the shop said) the old one wasn't good enough. We also totally updated windows. We now just need to move a few files over from one HDD to another, excute some other updates and everything will be back online.
19:46 Yay completely done.