BHS partnership and rules page

Posted on 24 Sep 2006 by StealthEye
First of all, we should have posted this earlier, sorry for that.

BHS and BI have agreed on some kind of partnership. Basically both will still exist, but the BlackIntel members will also be part of BHS. We will be sharing knowledge and code for example, and will not fix the same bugs/do the same stuff, which would be useless. ;)
BlackIntel will still exist as server hosting and serverside modding team, but most fixes and improvements will probably be released though BHS, because there will be a greater audience, so more people would benefit.
See also the Announcing: Blackhand Studios / BlackIntel Partnership Agreement topic on renforums.

We have also added a new page with the server rules and moderator guidelines.

We are also really close to start using the next version of our scripts.dll, it will have some nice improvements to the command replies, and has several design limitations solved. It will be updated the next time the server restarts, which we preferably do when it's empty.
Then also will our new moderators have their ingame moderator status. I have finally made the moderators configurable, so they can be changed without having to rebuild the scripts.dll and restart the server. ;)