Months of updates

Posted on 30 Jul 2006 by StealthEye
Finally we managed to produce a (hopefully) stable scripts.dll to run at our 3 servers. We have already fixed one or two bugs but think the servers are pretty stable now.
The updates are too many to name. A lot of bugfixes, updates, code improvements, etc. part of the things we have posted online have only been updated by now because we had to wait for certain tthings before running them on our stable servers.

Another major thing is that we've moved our servers to a0000000a, a0000000b and a0000000c. We did not like to use the (we think) a little lame names, but as everyone does it, we would have a huge disadvantage by not using them, so we decided to test it. Results: MANY more players! So we will not switch back. Too bad that most ppl seem to only look at the first page... :/