Lost data

Posted on 14 Jul 2006 by StealthEye
Ok, I tried to add an extra section to the server.dat to load my dll at load time. It worked perfectly yesterday, but today I found a negative effect of it. I tried opening the server.dat with ollydbg and noticed how the many functions and variables I had documented lost their labels and comments. The size of the ollydbg data file was effectively reduced from about 9 MB to a few kB, the auto backup was emptied too, and the newest other backup I have is about 10 days old. So I lost a lot of important data. Especially as I have done a lot of symbol copying from the LFDS to the win FDS lately.
I've been working on some lag fix, although it crashes the client if it has not got a matching patch installed, an improvement to the loading time compensation and a lot of fixes and clean ups in the code, things you will most probably not notice. The data loss made me lose some important things about these mods, which I will have to figure out again.

I'm trying to get a working and stable version ASAP to run on the BlackIntel servers, as the current version is rather old... I'm working on fixing the music player again too, as it has been disabled for too long now :)

Another change we did is the IRC channel structure, #BlackIntel is now the general channel, where you can talk about nearly everything you want. #BlackIntel1 to #BlackIntel3 are the stable always on servers and 4 and 5 are the test servers. Chat is preferred on #BI1 to make things less confusing. :) For those of you who don't know, our channels are hosted on irc.tweakers.net.