Serveral scripts.dll updates.

Posted on 26 Jun 2006 by EvilWhiteDragon
Last weeks we updated our scripts.dll to version 2.7.2 and SSAOW 1.5.
The mod was based on SSAOW 1.4.1, with scripts.dll 2.3.1, but thanks to Cat998 we could easily update it to the new version (well... more like he did that for us ;) ). We also made it a bit more easy to update our mods and improved the way the source was structured.
We also completely removed the SSAOW bind and lock feature, since we got our own auto-bind feature and we don't like the way SSAOW made the lock feature.
Another thing we fixed was some minor bug with donate, you didn't get a page when you donated someone.
Something that we thought needed to be improved is the map rotation config, so we changed it so that you won't need the mapname part anymore.
Another slight improvment that we made is the added check to disable ingame commands in the console (eg. !stuck should not be used in the console). For most commands this does not really bother, but with some commands it is an extra safety feature (and you will need a whole less error messages and stuff ;) )
Also made a fix for some bug that would crash the server, told it to John Will but he said he can't fix it for atleast linux, so that won't be fixed in the normal scripts.dll