Official Releases

This section hosts the official First Strike files as released by the First Strike Development Team.

First Strike v1.6 Client

First Strike v1.6 (Direct .exe)—Alternative way to download if you don't have a torrent client installed.

First Strike V1.5 Server

This file contains everything necessary for installing the First Strike 1.5 server. If you have any issues getting the server to work, please ask on the First Strike Website. The autopatcher will take your server to version 1.6

First Strike 1.5 server files

Battlefield 2142 Patches

BF2142 version 1.51 is required to run First Strike. For old retail versions of BF2142, users need to install the 1.4 patch, then the 1.50 patch, followed by the 1.51 patch. More recent retail buyers, and owners of the deluxe edition, need only to install 1.50 followed by 1.51. If you use Origin, you are already running the correct version of the game.
BF2142 1.51 | BF2142 1.50 | BF2142 1.4

Community Releases

BlackIntel also have our own community modding project for generate custom maps, models and other custom content. When we feel it is ready for release, we'll add it to this page. All files come with a readme, please read this before attempting to install as we are not willing to accept liability if you manage to break First Strike due to trying to install incorrectly.

Map: Outpost Assault