BlackIntel Clan Home

Hi and welcome to the home of the BlackIntel clan!

The BlackIntel community started as just a team of modders with a Renegade server. After some time, regulars came, and the idea of launching a clan emerged. As the admins were too busy with other things (like coding, etc), Trace was assigned as the clan leader. Later on, Trace became too busy and resigned as clan leader, and DKDexter999 was given the offer of becoming clan leader. He accepted and now we have clan departments and servers, besides from Renegade, in Unreal Tournament 3, and in the BF2142 mod First Strike.

Feel free to look around on this site, and visit our servers too of course :) For more info, click on a link at the menu.

So, on behalf of the clan management team, consisting of dhdc (head of the Unreal Tournament 3 clan), Gwynzer (head of the First Strike clan), and me, DKDexter999 (clan leader and head of the Renegade clan), welcome and we hope you will join one or even all of our sections - you can join by filling out the form on the join page.