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BIATCH v1.1 RC1 released

Posted on 13 May 2007 by EvilWhiteDragon
We hereby release BIATCH 1.1 RC1.

It contains various updates, here are some important ones:
- AntiAimbot was updated to counter the updated *cough* antiantiaimbot. (unfortunately, this does still not fully block aimbots)
- Added AntiBigHead feature. Still needs some testing, so it currently only writes to a log file so you know who you should check on bighead.
- Added protection to huge network holes. It was possible to al sorts of nasty stuff, which will be impossible with this update.
- Added SBBO at netcode level (lower level then SSAOW does at the moment) limited at 56K. This will probably be configurable in 1.1 final.
- Changed the logfile directories, and we hope other mods (like SSAOW) are going to use this too, to make everything more clear.

More information can be found in the changelog in the documentation.

We need feedback on the ABH, this means that if someone shows up in the logs as using BH, then you need to test him to be sure, and after that, send the results to us. Tell us if he was actually using BH at that time, or that he wasn't. This so we can determine what would be a suitable action on BH detection. This may vary form just blocking that damage or banning/kicking the one using BH.

Special thanks to Neku for help on the AntiBigHead stuff.

You can find the download here:
BIATCH download

And the documentation can be found here:
BIATCH documentation